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The $10 per night Buggy Protection covers your Golf Buggy for any accidental damage during your stay with zero excess.

If damage is deemed to be malicious the Buggy Protection is void. Protection is also void if any of the following conditions or rules are broken.

• The four seater Buggy is a COMPLIMENTARY INCLUSION for your personal use only.

• ALL Drivers must provide their license details. ONLY listed Drivers are permitted to drive.

• Your Buggy is licensed to carry NO more than 4 persons.

• Any cost incurred as a result of damages to the Buggy, persons or property is the responsibility of the guest – even if you are not present when the damage occurs.

• If you have taken out Buggy Protection you will then be covered for accidental damage with a zero excess.

• Any accidents must be reported immediately to your On-Island Representative and to Hamilton Island Security.

• If you fail to charge the Buggy overnight and you break down as a result, a towing fee of $85 will apply.

• Your Buggy will need a FULL 8 hour charge before you can use it again.

• You will not be provided with a replacement Buggy whilst your Buggy is recharging

• It is essential that you ensure that your Buggy is charging correctly – please speak to your On-Island Representative if you are unsure of how to do this.

• If your Buggy needs repairs, you will only be provided with a replacement Buggy if you have Buggy Protection and you have not broken any of the Hamilton Island Buggy Rules or Conditions. HAMILTON ISLAND BUGGY RULES AND REGULATIONS

• All Buggy Drivers MUST hold a current Driver’s License recognized in the State of Queensland.

• Holders of Learners Permits are not permitted to drive the vehicle.

• Queensland Transport Operation Regulations apply including driving under the influence of alcohol.

• Queensland Police Service enforce Queensland and Commonwealth Law.

• Children are not permitted to DRIVE, STEER or SIT on Driver’s laps.

• Children are not permitted to TOUCH, STAND ON or PLAY WITH operating peddles.

• Buggies are not permitted to be operated between the hours of 1.00am and 5.30am.

• Buggies must never be operated in neutral gear.

• Drivers are not permitted to consume alcohol while driving a Buggy.

• Mobile phones are not to be used while driving.

• Failure to abide by the stipulated rules may result in confiscation of the Buggy and the matter may be reported to the Queensland Police Service.

Queensland legislation states that all children under the age of 6 months are to be seated in a baby capsule facing towards the seat it is mounted to. A child 6 months to 4 years is to be in a child seat facing the same direction as the seat it is mounted to. This is subject to the amount of engineer approved restraint mounting points the buggy comes equipped with.


If the seat is hired through Hamilton Island Buggy Hire the seats will be fitted by a trained staff and should remain secured to the buggy for the duration of the rental. Securing and adjustment of straps in the capsule to fit the child is the responsibility of the parent or guardian (hirer). Capsule covers should be fitted when the capsule is not in use to prevent weather damage.

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE: The hirer is responsible to recheck capsule anchorage points and adjust straps securing the capsule to the seat each time the child is placed in the capsule restraint. Capsule covers cannot be used when the child is positioned in the capsule.

All roads on Hamilton Island are subject to the same road rules that apply on Mainland Australia. All serious breaches will be reported to the Queensland Police Service.

Harsh penalties apply for reckless or driving under the influence of alcohol under Queensland Law including heavy fines and loss of license. With signing your bond form you understand and agree to the conditions of the buggy operating rules and regulations described above and am (you are) aware a golf buggy is a conditionally registered vehicle subject to all Queensland road rules, bylaws and regulations.

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